Monday, April 13, 2015

Martian Mega City

Cowboy Bebop influenced my idea about how to build a city on Mars for this image.  I'm sure it would never work but the idea is to have a habitable environment within the confines of a walled in city.  I added forests covering the tops of the buildings to show the separation of the city from the desolation of Mars just beyond the wall.  I couldn't pull myself away from finishing this up.  I believe I sat down at 1pm the other day and didn't stop playing around with it until 11pm.  I haven't done that in a while but I just got caught up in the fun.

I built the city with SketchUp then painted over it in Photoshop.  I used photos of forests and an actual image of Mars for the landscape beyond the wall.  Much of this felt more like a construction than a painting as I would design window and surface details in a different canvas then overlay them on sections of the buildings.

Monday, February 23, 2015

Welcoming Committee

My latest digital painting.  Painted with Photoshop CC taking about five days to finish working on and off a couple of hour each day.  Below shows the early sketch and a few steps adding color and details while continually tweaking the contrast and color intensity along the way.

Monday, January 26, 2015

Cat Women

I wanted to do something different than my usual for fun.  Something with a comic feel.  When I looked for a reference image in the Deviant Stock I came across a photo of someone in a cat women pose wearing a leather outfit and thought it was too perfect to pass up.

This is the reference I used: CATGIRL by jlior
You can find more of her stock images here:

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Star City

I just wanted to paint something fun and this seemed to fit the bill.  When I started my canvas ended just a little to the left of the main tree.  But as I worked it seemed like it would help the composition to add a trail so I added some room to the left and before you know it I had a strange creature and his rider taking a break to check out the view.

Monday, January 19, 2015

I wanted to try a different way of working this time.  I used many images from to create this image along with painting digitally in Photoshop.

Monday, December 15, 2014

Dragon Siege

So I had some vacation time and no commissions for the first time in a year so I decided I wanted to do something really cool and hopefully epic looking.  I have to admit that painting this was a bit like being a kid again and playing with my toys.  Apart from the bit of drudgery of detailing out the foreground tower this was a pure joy to create.

I like to build a nice composition in my art from the early sketch but before I even started the sketch I played around with the design of the two towers.  I wanted the scale of them to be massive beyond what I'm sure could possibly be built from a stone block construction.  So my first step was to make some quick sketches of tower designs in Photoshop.  From this I saw the basic design elements enough in my mind to build the tower using SketchUp a free 3D Google program.  I didn't stick to my original sketches for the 3D build, I let the main design elements I explored in the sketches helped me to flesh out the more epic scale of the towers.

Once I had the final 3D build of the tower finished I was able to easily duplicate it so that I would have a perfect copy in the distance.  From this I found the position I wanted in the 3D program and grabbed a freeze of it.  This became the base for which the rest of the composition would be built around.  I knew I wanted a dragon attacking the main foreground tower so I quickly painted it next to the tower in grey scale which is generally how I work up an image.  Once I had some crudely painted soldiers defending the tower I could see that I need something in the foreground.  I had mountains and the hint of a large city in the background, the second tower in the middle ground and the dragon attacking the main tower in the foreground but the composition felt a little empty at the bottom.  This gave me the opportunity to add a closeup of a warrior riding a dragon to the foreground.  The composition felt better but the tail of the dragon attacking the main tower pointed my eyes to an empty canyon.  So because of this I created a third dragon to draw my view back into the painting.  Having the third dragon spitting fire onto the soldiers standing on the wall made the entire image sing.  That completed the composition.  This was a full scale attack that came to life with each new element of detail I added to it.  

This is the kind of painting I love to create and hope to do more of in the future.  Fun, fun, fun. 

Saturday, September 6, 2014

I have been working with KnA Games on a science fiction adventure based board game that is now available on Kickstarter. The game comes with a comic book that brings the characters of the game to life. This will bring you into the world these characters inhabit as well as give you a back story that the game will continue from when you play it.