Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Click the link below to play DefCom Promethean Wars app!  It's a science fiction tower defense game.  For those who have seen my art the title page might look familiar. BTW show the creator some love and pay the two dollars for the full game. It's very, fun and addictive.  

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Card Illustrations for FFG

I worked on a couple of cards for Fantasy Flight Games in February of 2013.  I jumped at the chance to paint images depicting an Arabian theme.  I've always loved the desert kingdom vistas from Arabian movies so these were a lot of fun to create for The Firelands Expansion for the Talisman Magical Quest Game.  I'm happy to finally be able to show them now that the game is available.  

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Quantum Foam

I created this image to visualize a graphic novel I've been playing around with.  I made an attempt at it once already.  You can see the results of that HERE.

I didn't have enough planned out when I started that story.  There are so many things to plan out when creating a graphic novel it can be overwhelming.  If you have peaked at my link you will see I had planned out ten pages.  But I had only written that much too.  I have many ideas bouncing around in my head but I soon came to realize that wouldn't be enough.  A story encompassing time and space travel would need much more planning in the writing stage than I had done.  I have many ideas I want the story to take and I didn't want to pin myself into a corner early on.

I also hadn't figured out a basic style I was happy with.  I need something that wouldn't take a month a page to finish, but would also allow me enough of a wow factor to keep me wanting to continue working on it.  I'm my own worst critique and I knew pretty quickly that I wasn't happy with the look of the characters in my first attempt.  Namely that of the alien creature the main characters come in contact with and would be for most of the story from that point on.  It was boring to say the least.  I needed more of a back story to this alien creature that my characters would be trapped into tagging along with.  Also this creature will not be talking to them.  It will just continue going about its business only becoming annoyed by its new passengers from time to time.  The dialogue would be between that of the human characters, an astrophysicist and two FBI agents, trying to survive and figure out what it is this alien is and what it is doing as it takes them on an adventure across the universe.

Because I want the reader to feel compassion for these characters and have each of them including the alien to grow through the progression of the story I will be working hard on the writing process and focusing my art on improving my ability to draw the human form from memory.

You likely will not see this adventure anytime soon and possibly never but I wanted people to know about my passion project anyway.  If I can keep myself working on this without too many day to day diversions maybe this will come to light one day.  I hope it will.  This is just the kind of project that keeps me wanting to wake up in the morning.    

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Venus Cliff Mansion

My latest commissioned work for for a project she is work on. 

The title is simple because the idea is to create a painting for all the planets of the solar system including a couple extra locations. 

Do not use or reproduce this image without the consent of Jon Hrubesch or that of

Below are a few images I saved as I worked giving you a bit of an idea of how I created this.

Friday, September 27, 2013

Shaman Orc

This is an image of a shaman orc I recently created in the hopes of doing some artwork for Dungeons & Dragons.  They are looking for consistency in how artists depict characters and locations with this iteration.  I'm keeping my fingers crossed as I would love the chance to work with D&D one day.

Sunday, September 22, 2013


I painted this as a concept art commission for another Deviant artist going by Miss-tada.  Her site can be found HERE

My process for creating this was very much influenced by Feng Zhu who creates many wonderful free how-to videos on YouTube.  Because I used his techniques this really didn't take me as long as it might have otherwise.  The brushes I used for most of the painting are the basic Photoshop chalk brush and a soft round.

The image I finish first was a quick grey-scale image that I created in Photoshop with my Wacom tablet.  I knew I wanted a large tree house that would reveal the tree to be very large.  That being my focus I made sure to add other elements to the image like the large foreground tree root and branch to pull your eye back to the tree house.

Perspective lines were essential to make the landscape look three-dimensional.  You can find a really nice way to create perspective lines HERE.  Once I followed the videos instructions I saved it as an ACTION in Photoshop so I can easily add perspective lines to a new painting with the click of a button.

After getting an overwhelming approval for the early grey-scale image I went on to paint over it with color using a color overlay on a separate layer.  Whenever I liked what I was seeing I would flatten the image and work on other sections while also adding in detail here and there.

Color and saturation can be lessened to the more distant objects with a quick soft edge brush on a separate layer with Other Dynamics selected.  This gives the most control.  You can adjust the layers opacity that way to find the look that you want.  The reference images I was given showed colorful leaves so I used that.  But when I sent the final image she asked to have the main foliage of the tree be green.  I then easily, using the magic wand, selected the pink areas and changed them to grey-scale.  Then, on a separate layer using the selected area, added a green color overlay.  Boom!  With a little extra erasing and cleaning up I was able to create the green color the client wanted.

You can find the amazing knowledge given out for free by Feng Zhu on YouTube HERE.  I can say that he has helped me to understand how to make images like the one I have finish here.

Monday, September 9, 2013

Expose 11 is now on book shelves!  I'm very happy to have been chosen as one of the artists in this amazing book.

You can find the Ballistic Publishing's purchase page HERE 

You can find photos of me and many of the great artists who are printed in the Ballistic Publishing, Expose 11 book HERE